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Proteus was the Greek god of change, and when you want to change sheet material into parts quickly PROTEUS it the machine to do it.  Fast and agile built for the sheet metal or welding shop wanting high accuracy and speed at a reasonable cost. PROTEUS cutting lasers are designed for up to 3/8 cutting capacity, with routine and speedy cutting of 1/4” steel and stainless steel. Available in 1000 and 1500 watt fiber laser. Features include: Helical gear rack and pinion Helical zero backlash gearboxes for high precision and high acceleration - deceleration SKF linear components Teknics Integrated 570 oz-in servo motors Computer OS ,WinCNC, monitor, mouse and keyboard with console make this a package easy to purchase and ready to run As of July 2020 our test program will be wrapped up, improvements implemented and production will begin - call now for a Demo or more information. Pricing to be determined but it will be extremely competitive.
elocity Motion Systems Introducing PROTEUS for summer 2020 Lasers